The Evolution of DAOs: The DAC

On the need to enable web3-based business

Posted by Kevin Liu on October 4, 2022

Calling all developers! Metis is sponsoring Encode’s four week Encode L2 Hack starting on October 17 with a challenge near and dear to our hearts, DAC Tooling!

The DAC infrastructure product, incubated by Metis DAO Foundation, is looking for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or DAO tools to develop the infrastructure for the Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) and improve organization operations and functionalities. Read more about DACs 

Pro tip: think about what’s needed for any company to function and apply it to Web3! 


Developers will also be considered for contract or even salaried work with the DAC team.

To participate: Identify an existing company and DAO issue or efficiency Use the Gnosis Safe SDK toolkit to build DAO tools solving the identified issue Optional: incorporate other Gnosis Safe tools. Example: Zodiac

✔️Submission Judging Criteria:

    Upon submission of the live product on the testnet, open source code, and video demo, the Metis and Encode team will review all the submissions. Top projects will be selected to present live. The $1500 bounty will be given to the first prize winner.

    💡Tooling ideas to get started: Payment Management and Payroll, On-chain Resume and Profile Builder for Contributors, Multi-Permissioned entry tools for joining a DAO/ DAC, smart contract hack response, emergency treasury withdrawal, Dispute Resolution, HR and Role and Contributor management, Onboarding tools, Document Manager: issuing, sending, signing, and receiving docs, Recruitment tools for Bounties, Tasks/ Jobs 

    DAC Resources 

    About Encode

    Encode is a web3 education provider and community who is currently partnering with Metis for the Encode L2 Hack. Encode has a proven track record of over 15,000 participants in their events and had over 50 companies built directly in their events or by their participants (worth over $1B total).

    Tip: think of what’s needed for any company to function and apply it to Web3